An “Earnest” effort from the SFS Drama Project!

By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

I hope you were able to get out to one of the four performances of the SFS Drama Project’s fall play The Importance of Being Earnest. We wrapped up a four-show run Wednesday night, and the show was quite “smashing,” if I do say so myself. Many patrons remarked on how difficult this production must have been for middle school students to pull off, and I think that’s what makes us most proud about this choice. While the script was edited just a little, some of our actors had to memorize more than 300 lines, with difficult and archaic vocabulary tossed in for good measure. Their appreciation for the subtle (and at times scathing!) humor grew during the rehearsal process, and by show’s end they sounded like real London aristocrats from a bygone age.


What is especially gratifying to me is how much the kids want this authentic type of experience and challenge! While we routinely bemoan the fact that kids are glued to their video games and phones, these adolescents are choosing to participate in a laborious rehearsal schedule (with five-hour weekend dress rehearsals), spending countless hours working on their lines, and all for two performances (in most cases). It is obvious they are proud of what we have achieved as a company, and the skills they are learning will serve them long after the lights are dimmed (not to mention all the heart-warming memories). To all the actors, crew, adults, and parents who helped with Earnest, I candidly say, “Thank YOU, sir.”   Respectfully yours,  Mr. Bunbury.

And as we look ahead to next week, I want to wish our large group of KyACDA All-State Choir kids the best of luck on their trip to Bowling Green to perform! We are so proud of them and look forward to hearing about their concert. And, of course, the 8th grade will be heading out for our annual pilgrimage to Big South Fork for a week’s worth of backpacking and life lessons. I will be with them this year and look forward to all the adventures that await us. At press time the weather looks pretty promising! I’m sure we’ll flood (bad choice of words!) everyone with pictures and tall tales!