Advisee Games, Talent Show Entertain

By Suzanne Bizot Gorman, Head of the Downtown CampusHSTalent_2

This is one of the most entertaining weeks of the year at the High School – Advisee Games on Tuesday and the Talent Show on Wednesday!  Advisee Games involves a trek to Seneca Park for the entire High School around noon.  We have a pizza lunch followed by a costume contest, and then the games begin – tug o’war, 50-yard dash, wheelbarrow race, distance race, three-legged race, and water balloon toss.  At newsletter press time, calculations as to the winning group were still being done, but it is worth noting that the fabulous dozen students that I get to hang out with every Friday morning in Advisee Group exhibited amazing teamwork and real dedication in winning BOTH the costume contest and the tug o’war, so we are eagerly awaiting the final overall scoring results!

The Talent Show is one of my favorite events of the entire year, and it’s not just because we have amazingly talented students.  Really, it’s because of the reaction each act gets – wild, enthusiastic, genuine applause.  This year had to be one of the best:  students singing and playing everything from Bob Dylan to the Beatles to Adele to Frank Sinatra to bluegrass; a cameo by Benjamin Studevent-Hickman on the drums; and even an act unlike any I’ve seen, a student holding a pole with one finger and balancing items (books, a glass, a glass full of water!) atop it.  Freshmen through seniors took part, and it was a fabulous performance start to finish.