6th Grade Quick Recall Team Soars and Scores!

6th Grade Quick Recall_1_2MPBy Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

At Middle School Morning Meeting on Monday we applauded our 6th grade Quick Recall team for their stellar showing at the 6th Grade Showcase last Saturday! While our team was the smallest there in terms of numbers, they made up for it in knowledge, skill, and heart! Team members included Micah Ghiassi, Zack Mushkin, Allie Rahman, AJ Stevenson, and Mya Stevenson. Here is a summary of their success from coaches Anne Holmes and Debbie Adkins:

Overall Finish: 3rd Place
Quick Recall Finish: 2nd Place (Lost in the final in overtime!)
Science & Social Studies: AJ Stevenson, 1st Place
Arts & Humanities: Allie Rahman, 1st Place
Math: Zack Mushkin, 6th Place

And a comment from Anne on this scrappy team:

“There is only one word to describe the performance of this team in Saturday’s competition: Wow! These five scholars had just returned from a week away at Pine Mountain and were awesome academic competitors. The Showcase competition is made up of three parts: written composition, written assessment, and quick recall. Our team was unable to compete in composition due to the trip to Pine Mountain, so the fact that we placed third overall is truly outstanding.”

I couldn’t agree more! We love to give our talented students academic competition opportunities and this team is a great example why. And a BIG thanks to Anne Holmes, Debbie Adkins, Lindsy Serrano, and Misty Chanda for spending a Saturday with these go-getters and coaching them so well!