China Trip “An Incredible Experience”

Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

I am writing this fresh from Spring Break in China with six 7th graders and 11 high schoolers (Charlie Owen, Maris Woldin, Ellison Reynolds, Clay Foye, Will Edwards, Kate Jones, Carter Wooton, James Risley, Ellie Davenport, Sam Borden, and Madison Ebel), plus Chinese teacher Bob Jones and some fabulous parents.  Some of my favorite moments included biking around the top of the ancient city wall in Xi’an (and watching a group of boys pedal furiously to beat Bob’s stated record of 45 minutes around the 13-kilometer wall – and yes, they succeeded!); seeing all the attention our group garnered everywhere we went (particularly Ellie Davenport, with her long blond hair – she had a line going IMG_3840outside the Forbidden City of Chinese tourists wanting to take pictures with her!); watching the students speak Chinese in the markets and bargain with shopkeepers; sharing Peking duck, dumplings, and other culinary delicacies with the students; watching a group of middle and high school boys connect with Chinese college students to play pickup basketball games on a nightly basis; and spending time with parents and students on our two overnight train trips.   It was an incredible experience, and as I told the group, I’d take them abroad again any time.

We finished up Community Service for the year on Tuesday, with our sixth and final half-day of service work at various sites  This week also saw the conclusion of a few efforts beyond the normal assignments.  The Family and Children’s Place group headed by Angela Katz did a drive for clothing and toiletries to help stock a closet at their site; they took all the items collected and arranged them on the shelves as part of their work on Tuesday.  The We Act group that I lead collected 47 pairs of pants to take to We Day (an annual celebration of community service among students in Louisville, also attended by several grades on the Goshen Campus) to be donated to JCPS students in need.  We held our final fundraiser of the year (still working toward the $10,000 needed to fund the building of a school in Haiti) on Thursday – a lunch cookout.  Our High School students have accrued well over 2,000 hours of community service through our school program this year.

Next Tuesday brings our annual Advisee Games.  We will have classes in the morning and then head to Seneca Park for lunch and contests.  The current weather forecast is good!  (Rain would bring a postponement to Friday.)  Students will be dismissed from Seneca Park at 3:10 p.m., though anyone needing a ride back downtown can get one.  If you have any concerns or questions, please let Danielle or me know.

One other planning-ahead note: The Pegasus Parade rolls down Broadway on Thursday, April 30th.  (Elsewhere in this newsletter, you’ll see the flyer to purchase tickets – join us if you can!)  High School students not staying for the parade need to plan to leave school ASAP upon dismissal, as the streets around school will begin closing.