School Notes

  • Our Middle School MathCounts team competed against 22 other schools in the Louisville area on Saturday, February 14th. Schools send their top-achieving math students to compete, and we were surrounded by the MathCounts2_Gbest mathematicians in Middle School. Students completed unique and thought-provoking math problems all day and celebrated with a pizza lunch while waiting for results to be tallied. We had 10 students who participated: Chloe Church, Evvie Cooley, Noelle Dry, Connor Gorman, Christopher Hammond, Eli Jaffe, Jennifer Johnson, Lorenzo Mahoney, Eston McLeroy, and Drew Perkins. All were engaged as we played along with the Jeopardy-like Countdown Round, where selected students compete in a variety of mental math computations. Overall, we had four of our students place in the top half of the competition, and our team ranked 15th overall. Kudos to those students participating! In addition to those competing, we also had several students participate in practice but who were unable to attend the competition. Thanks to Georges Ghali, Maxwell Havens, Angus Middleton, Stuart Middleton, Jahvid Nawab, and Reid Varda for their participation throughout the winter.
  • Congratulations to freshman Alexis Nelson, who has been named to the All-Region Second Team in basketball, sophomore James Risley, who was named to the All-District Tournament Team in basketball, and sophomore Paige Von Feldt, who qualified for the State Meet in the 50 freestyle!
  • St. Francis Middle School will be offering a study hall for athletes (5th-8th grade) who wish to stay after school until their game/match/meet begins. Team members will report their participation in AthleticASH_TableStudy Hall (ASH) to their advisors when arriving in the morning and will head straight to Ms. Wallace’s room after school to meet the proctor for the day. Students will need to have their homework with them, as electronic devices will only be allowed for a portion of the time. A light snack will also be provided. Below lists the times and dates that ASH will be available to Middle School athletes. Note: After-school care will not be offered if games or matches are beginning at 6:00 PM or later. If you see a time or date missing, please email Erin Staley ASAP so it can be fixed.
  •  2015 Regional High School Governor’s Cup Results:
    St. Francis 2nd Place Overall
    Quick Recall 2nd Place Overall Team advances to the State Finals on March 14th-16th
    Team Members: Nina Erbes, Michelle Jones, Tinsley Nugent, Sam Borden, Madison Ebel, Sam Edwards-Kuhn, Zoe Koss, Rose Gilbert
    The following individuals also placed in the top five in their respective events and will also be advancing to the State Finals:
    Composition: Willa Tinsley 2nd, Jillian Morrison 4th
    Mathematics: Michelle Jones 4th
    Science: Sam Borden 4th, Michelle Jones 5th
    Language Arts: Rose Gilbert 5th
    Arts and Humanities: Rose Gilbert 4th
  • Looking Now for Host Families for the 2015-16 School Year!
    Meet Tom: Tom is a 16-year-old boy from Germany. He has been speaking English for eight years and is eager Host_Tomto learn about U.S. culture. He plays tennis and soccer.
    “I hope to show the U.S. people also a bit of the German culture. I could cook my host family a typical German meal or explain to them how Germans celebrate Christmas or New year.”
    Who Can Host? One thing that unites all host families is a strong sense of the importance of cross-cultural understanding in today’s world. Host families are curious, open-minded, caring, and willing to help a young student adjust and thrive in a new environment.
    As A Host Family You:
    – Welcome a student into your home as a family member for 10 months.
    – Provide a bed and bedroom (can share with same gender close in age).
    – Provide appropriate place to study.
    – Provide three meals a day.
    – Provide necessary transportation.
    Benefits of Being A Host Family:
    – Broaden someone’s horizons – share all that your family, your community, and the U.S. have to offer a young person.
    – Learn about the world – open your family’s eyes to cultures and languages from all over the world.
    – Globalize your community – your student will bring the world to your community.
    If you are interested in becoming a host family, please contact Lucy Wathen for more information.