Holiday Wish Fund

The Holiday Wish Fund was started many years ago by the Parents Association as a way to make the holidays a bit easier on the parents while ensuring the teachers and staff get the recognition they deserve. St. Francis School is unique in that each child, even the youngest preschooler, has multiple teachers every day. When you add in the administration, kitchen staff and maintenance crew your child’s school day is made special by dozens of people. The PA’s aim is to simplify your life and make sure all our teachers and staff members are thanked for their hard work. Here’s how it works: if you choose, you may donate any amount of money you’d like. We collect everyone’s donations, then divide the money amongst the employees based on part time or full time status. Each employee is asked to specify a gift card they would like to receive. We then purchase the gift cards and distribute them along with a nice note thanking them for all they do. And that’s it! You can relax and know that each person who brightens your child’s day will be thanked for the difference they make.

Thanks for your contribution!

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