Annual Fund/Honorary & Memorial/Other Gifts

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The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising effort (July 1 – June 30) that provides immediate and direct funding into the operating budget of the School and helps make St. Francis School extraordinary.  Tuition covers most, but not all, of the costs of running the School; we count on the Annual Fund to provide $350,000 towards the operating budget.  We have 100% participation in the Annual Fund from our Board and Faculty/Staff, and are well on our way to 100% parent participation this year.  Your gift to the Annual Fund helps ensure that we continue to offer the unique education and environment that our students experience every day:

  • an active, engaged, Progressive learning environment that makes us truly the “School of Thought”!
  • small class sizes and a low student/teacher ratio
  • extracurricular, artistic, and athletic programs that give all students the opportunity to explore new things and find their passions
  • innovative programming, from the Preschool natural playground to the Goshen Campus food garden to a decade of Gender Studies at the High School
  • a diverse student body that mirrors Metro Louisville (22% of our students PS-12th grade are minority or foreign-born)
  • a commitment to enrolling all St. Francis students regardless of financial means (our % of students receiving need-based financial aid far exceeds the national average for Independent Schools)

Giving Societies:

  • Head of School Society – $10,000 +
  • Founders Society – $5000 – $999
  • 1965/1976 Circle – $2500 – $4999
  • Leadership Circle – $1000 – $2499
  • Eagle/Wyvern Club – $500 – $999
  • Abacus Club – $100 – $499
  • Friend of St. Francis – Up to $99

Gifts in honor of or in memorial for a loved one are included in the Annual Fund.  Please fill in for whom the gift is in honor of or for whom the gift is memorial of so we may let them or their families know.

Gifts to the Annual Fund are a vote of confidence in our mission. Participation in the Annual Fund by current parents and alumni is particularly critical, as corporations and foundations that support Independent Schools examine these percentages to gauge the support of those who know the school best. Contributions are received throughout the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) and are reflected in the Annual Report each year. Thank you for your support!

For questions or for more information please contact Kim Hales, Director of Development,