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Walk of Honor Bricks-Goshen Campus Alumni

To commemorate your child’s years at St. Francis School, Goshen Campus, you may be interested in purchasing a brick in their name for the St. Francis “Walk of Honor” located at the entrance of the school. This brick will be a lasting memory of your child’s experiences at St. Francis and a memento they can see every time they return to the school for reunions or to visit faculty.

Bricks are $250 each. You can purchase a brick through the “donate” image at the bottom of this page; be sure to indicate that the money is to go towards purchasing a brick, noting your student’s full name to be shown on the brick and emailing If you would prefer to pay by check, complete and return a 2016 Walk of Honor form to either campus with a check payable to St. Francis School.

Charitable gifts are a thoughtful way to provide for future generations of St. Francis School students who will benefit, as you did, from the unique learning opportunities available at St. Francis.

Annual Fund

What this imperfect world needs are smart, curious, good people, who think for themselves and that is exactly what we see every day around the Goshen amps and the Downtown hallways.  Whether you graduated from the Goshen Campus, the Downtown Campus or both you are a St. Francis alumni. If you’ve been back to visit recently you’ll see that St. Francis School remains the same place as it has always been.

As alumni, you know best why St. Francis School is a special and unique place.

St. Francis made the first few weeks of college so easy…I already understood my sense of independence and zeroed in on my goals. St. Francis gave me an invaluable sense of my independence.  Cooper Burton G’07 ’11

Through their years of elementary and secondary education, we think there’s no question that St. Francis students had many more good days than bad days, laughed a lot, met some interesting people, learned quite a bit (inside the classroom and out!), all in a supportive atmosphere. These are reasons why one attends St. Francis, and also why you should support St. Francis School as alumni, so that others many continue to have the same opportunities that you enjoyed.

This is your opportunity to give something back to your alma mater and enhance the ongoing value of your education by the continued strength of St. Francis School.  You will help the current and future students enjoy the many attributes that you grew accustomed to, like small classes, 8:1 student:teacher ratio, a varied curriculum, and far more scholarships each year than any other Independent School in this area. Our ultimate goal is for 100% of our alumni to contribute.  Therefore, any contribution, small or large, is important and will be greatly appreciated.  In short, Annual Fund gifts support the people and programs that make our school so special.  It is through your support that we reaffirm for our students and the Louisville community our belief in the value of a St. Francis School education.  Make your gift online today!

From a recent conversation with Kenny Reutlinger G’80, ’84

Looking back at your time at St. Francis, what stands out? 

I think the most important aspect of St. Francis was the size of the school.   A student knew most, if not all, of the other students and teachers/administrative staff members associated with the school.  As with any small community, one is not likely to agree with the ideals or perspectives of every other person, but it forces one to learn, understand, and respect other points of view.  That, in my opinion, is a critical skill set for further growth and success life, especially college.  I also believe some of the freedoms afforded students at St. Francis prepares us for college.  I personally was surprised at how much free time I had in college relative to the daily 5-6 hours of class time at St. Francis.  That free time can easily be wasted if a student has not previously experienced it and learned how to effectively manage it.  I witnessed several dorm mates end up in difficult academic situations because they were not able to manage their free time.

Do you recall a specific teacher or friend that influenced you in some way?

All my friends and teachers throughout my St. Francis career (1st through 12th grades) influenced me.  Naturally, my class of 1984, and the classes of 1983 and 1985 had the most influence, because we were together for so long. It would be nearly impossible to identify any one more than another, so I’d say they all had a very positive impact.  And I have similar feelings for the teachers in my time.  However, because of my lifelong soccer “habit”, I really need to recognize (and thank) three persons in particular.  Tom Miron was (and still is) a major influence in my life.  He taught American History and was the varsity soccer coach, so I saw him in the classroom and on the field nearly every day of my high school life because we played literally all year.  We had fall (private and catholic schools) and spring (public schools) seasons before they were consolidated in the fall of 1983.  We also had winter (Mockingbird indoor) and summer pickup games and soccer golf games.  Tom forced me to dig deep on both mental and physical levels to understand my abilities.  Jim Walker was our Goshen coach for the majority of my later grade school years, and he was just a terrific coach and person.  Goshen teams used to play high school JV teams and would win (and usually not just win, but win big).  He really cared about us, and attended most of our high school games.  He even splinted my broken wrist at halftime against Trinity my sophomore year.  Unfortunately, he passed away a couple of years ago, but will never be forgotten.  And then there was Ed Gupton.  Mr. Gupton was our Goshen French teacher and Theater mentor, and he demanded preparation and excellence.  But he too was a soccer fan, and he created/managed “recreational” teams (gold, blue, red) that would play full field games during our lunch recess.  He also took us to see an Indiana University varsity soccer game in Bloomington, and would replay “Soccer Made In Germany” videos to teach us field positioning and tactics.  He really should be credited with creating the culture of soccer that made St. Francis what it was while I was in grade school.

How do you define success?

For me, success is the ability to lead the life you desire.  This includes being a respectful, responsible, and productive citizen within the community, and helping others in need when possible.

Why do you give to St. Francis?

Because St. Francis is me.  I would not be who I am today without St. Francis, and I know other students and families will benefit from what St. Francis can provide to them.