Bus Service for Goshen Campus

Click here for 2017-18 Bus Routes.

Bus service is available for our Goshen students and is managed by our Business Office. If you have any questions considering ridership or fees, please call our Business Manager, Greg Borders at 795-3369. Bus contracts and bus routes can also be found via the Parent Portal OnSuite.

GENERAL: Parents should ensure that they are at the stops 10 minutes prior to the scheduled bus arrival/departure time. For the safety of children it is our policy that no child is left at a contracted bus stop if a parent is not there or allowed to walk home from a bus stop, including the Downtown (High School) stop. If you feel your child is old enough and responsible enough to walk home from his/her contracted bus stop, you must indicate this for each child on the contract. Parents or guardians who are delinquent in picking up their student(s) will be subject to additional fees and bus service suspension. 

BUS CONTRACT: From time to time situations arise that necessitate a non-contracted student riding home on the bus. These situations should be rare and occasional use bus tickets cannot be used in place of signing a bus contract for the school year. Bus stops will be as advantageous as possible for all riders with consideration to time and safety. Pick-ups and stops will not be amended once the school year has begun. Parents should arrive 10 minutes prior to scheduled bus stop.

DISCIPLINE: St. Francis School is responsible for enforcement of discipline and security on each bus for the safety of all concerned. We reserve the right to refuse transportation to any student who is disruptive or creates an unsafe condition for others.

RELEASE FOR CHANGE OF BUS OR STOP: Students should exit the bus at their regular designated stops. Any change for a particular day should be made by the parent/guardian in writing. (This may occur if a student goes home with a friend on a different bus.) In the event a parent/guardian does not send a written request, but calls the school requesting a change in bus or bus stop, St. Francis School is released from any liability resulting from the change.
ACTIVITY BUS: An activity bus is available at an additional cost for after school events. The bus leaves from the Goshen Campus at 5:30 p.m. Families may purchase from the school office individual tickets at $6.00 each or may purchase a packet of 10 tickets for $54.00. Activity bus stops and times are listed on the bus route document.