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Photo Gallery for Week of February 19 – February 23

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Chinese New Year: Year of the Dog!

By Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

We kicked off the Chinese New Year this week in the Preschool. We planned a week chock full of celebratory fun and hands-on learning. Each class participated in activities such as creating paper fans, trying calligraphy and Chinese writings, making shakers for the parade, and constructing lanterns to light our classrooms. Today the junior kindergarten and kindergarten classes joined us for a parade through the Lower School, led by a beautifully constructed dragon created by the Trailblazers class. The Yao family shared several traditional items with our classes: a lion puppet, the books Dragon Dance, Lucky New Year, and The Dancing Dragon, beautiful red lanterns, and a calligraphy mat, among many other treasures. All children, Preschool through 1st grade, received red envelopes called “hongbao” which are used to send good luck and well wishes. Today we also enjoyed a traditional snack of long noodles courtesy of Chef Matt (for a long life), oranges (good luck), and fortune cookies. We look forward to reading and learning more about Chinese traditions. 

You can now register for “Camp Curious” Preschool Summer Camp sessions! You can find more information on our website or by clicking hereWe are already sold out for the 2s for Session 1, so don’t delay your child’s registration. Plus there is a 5% discount for registering early!

4th/5th Grade Academic Team Brings Home the Medals!

By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

While most of us were enjoying our Winter Break on a sunny beach (or in rainy Louisville), our 4th/5th grade academic team was busy doing battle at the district Governor’s Cup! And what a day they had! The Quick Recall team finished in 2nd place, beating perennial nemesis St. Aloysius in the process! Members of the Quick Recall team included 5th graders Tonya Amini, Cate Davis, Quentin Johnson, Isaac Jones, Caroline McCurry, Ben Rutherford, and Zoe Petiprin and 4th graders Nora Ruscoe, Charlie Rutherford, Andrew Snyder, and Ashwin Sohi. And the young Wyverns produced an Olympic-like haul of hardware on their subject-area tests. Here are the highlights:  

Arts & Humanities – Nora Ruscoe (3rd place)

Social Studies – Andrew Snyder (1st place) and Charlie Rutherford (4th place)

Science – Andrew Snyder (1st place)

Math – Ashwin Sohi (5th place)

Individuals finishing in the top five will move to Regionals on Saturday, March 3rd.  

A big thanks to coaches Misty Chanda and Andrew Frechette for leading this energetic bunch, and to Anne Holmes, Ann Mundt, and Lindsy Serrano for also helping out with the competition! The future looks bright for our academic teams in Middle School!

Looking ahead to next week, we are excited to welcome a group of visiting Chinese students via the Confucius Institute to the Goshen Campus! A contingent of 25 visitors will be primarily on the Downtown Campus, but each day some of them will also visit our campus to observe Chinese language classes, and participate in all aspects of our school. They will also all come to a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream before Spring Break! Welcome them when you see them! (Say “ni hao”!)

All Things Chinese!

By Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Like my Goshen counterparts Reed and Renee, my article focuses on academic team highlights (see Regional Governor’s Cup results below in this newsletter; huge kudos to those qualifying for State) and all things Chinese! We celebrated a late Chinese New Year yesterday with a wonderful lunch from Jade Palace, funded by our winnings from our first place finish in the Scholastic Division of the Dragon Boat competition last fall. Students enjoyed all manner of Chinese delicacies, and the Space for Thought was decorated beautifully and traditional good-luck hongbao envelopes containing candy were strewn about. Welcome to the Year of the Dog! Many thanks to Chinese teacher Chris Hutchins and biology teacher David Word for their shepherding of the Dragon Boat team and the New Year’s lunch! 

Today, we welcomed our delegation of 25 Chinese students and three teachers. They are visiting the United States through our partners at Western Kentucky University’s Confucius Institute. The students hail from Nanchang, which is the capital of the Jiangxi province in southeastern China, and will be spending five weeks with us, both Downtown and at the Goshen Campus. We are looking forward to sharing classes and activities with them!

School Notes for Week of February 19 – February 23

Attention, Sophomore Parents: On Sunday, February 25th from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. all sophomores will sit for the Pre-ACT on the Downtown Campus. Terri White and Kit Llewellyn will proctor the test. Each student needs to bring four #2 pencils (non-mechanical), a calculator with new batteries, and a snack for during the break. Taking this test provides your child with a sneak preview of the types of items and format of the ACT, as well as the exercise of taking a timed test.  

There are just a few days left to reserve your copy of the 2017-18 yearbook for a reduced price of $50! After March 1st the price will be $57. Similar to last year, the yearbook will come out BEFORE the end of the school year so that students can sign copies and have them for the summer break. We will mail a spring supplement full of great photos from end of the year activities, graduations, etc. to each person who purchases a yearbook. The spring supplement comes with an adhesive strip to insert into the yearbook. Also, all yearbook ordering and purchasing is done through our yearbook company, Herff Jones, so you will receive emails directly from them.​

Click here to purchase your SFS yearbook now! Please contact Alissa Shoemaker for any additional questions.

We are looking for a host family for Nina from the Netherlands, an exchange student coming to St. Francis this fall. Nina needs a host family who will commit to room and board only, as she will be coming with her own insurance and spending money. Nina will be 17, plays field hockey with a passion, loves animals, and is very excited to share in the daily lives of her hosts. Please contact Sally Crespo with EF High School Exchange Year at 502-593-0318 with any questions or interest.

Interested in helping our Garden Coordinator Christine Brinkmann with our animals over weekends and school breaks? Sign up hereIn appreciation for your help, the free-range, farm-fresh eggs are yours to keep. Please email Christine Brinkmann with any questions.

Photo Gallery for Week of February 5 – February 9

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Winter Sports Spirit Night!

By Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Winter Sports Spirit Week and Night were fantastic! Highlights – besides the huge wins from the basketball teams and honoring our basketball and bowling seniors (Victoria Richardson, Alexis Nelson, Jomar Sullivan, and Cat Kidman) and exchange student (Hanna Otto), the gym was rocking with Wyvern cheers. Following our balloon send-off at the end of school, the students beat the faculty 26-23 (in fairness, we were without a flu-ridden Tony Butler), sophomore Osaz Omoryui demolished his apple pie in record time to win the pie-eating contest (no one else was even close), and junior Jonah LeStrange won the halftime contest (shooting a layup, a free throw, a three-pointer, and a half-court shot in under a minute). Thanks to the School Committee and athletic coordinator Catherine LaFronza for all their help with the event! 

Kudos to Gender Studies teacher Jenn Buck and the Queer-Straight alliance for the Gender Week programming these last few days. They decorated the school, offered a student panel and a community panel, showed a film, and wrapped things up with an ice cream party.  

I love being at the High School but once a year, I confess to some Goshen Campus envy. I love Valentine’s Day, and the cards and the parties! Luckily, this year the junior class filled that void a bit by selling “Cupid-grams” – little notes students can write to one another that are delivered on Friday with a sweet treat.  

Wishing all of you a happy Valentine’s Day and a wonderful Winter Break week!

Valentine’s + Doughnut Day!

By Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

Each of our classes had a wonderful time celebrating Valentine’s + Doughnut Day! The preschoolers enjoyed bringing Valentines for their friends and decorating special cardholders for the ones they received from others. Thank you to the parent volunteers who helped make our parties a success, and Happy early Valentine’s Day to all.

The 4s classes attended the 4th/5th grade production of The Lion King KIDS on Friday. We watched the children practice while at carpool, and the beautiful props that have filled the stage have delighted us. The costumes that the children wore were creative and colorful. I’m always amazed by the students and faculty and what they can do.

“Camp Curious” Preschool Summer Camp sessions are currently on our website and registration is NOW open. Camp will begin on Monday, June 4th and run through Friday, June 29th and is chock-full of great activities for our explorers, treasure hunters, princesses and princes, future authors, and book enthusiasts! Spaces are limited. Please register here.

The Lion King Roars!

By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

I hope you were able to catch one of our performances of the 4th/5th grade play, The Lion King KIDS, this week! And that may have been difficult as both public showings sold out in advance online! Lower School music teacher Kim Rash really outdid herself this time, creating a beautiful version of this heartwarming and now classic tale. And I was also impressed at how our 4th and 5th grade parents answered the call to help out! The costumes they made and stage scenery were simply awesome! The first time I saw the “sun” on the back wall, my mouth dropped. Kim also had wonderful support from teachers Joanne Brock, our make-up queen; Judy Riendeau, with set painting; and 4th and 5th grade teachers Sarah Dewberry and Billy Spalding. I even got to make a cameo as a crazed wildebeest who hoisted Mufasa – Ben Rutherford – up in the air – and wrenched my back in the process! I had no idea Ben weighed 200 pounds! This was a wonderful experience our students won’t soon forget and just makes us all the more anxious to see our new theater come to fruition so we’ll have even more stage space for our wonderful productions. Kim, you certainly made us “Feel the Love” with this show! 

Also this week, Julie Mushkin and I took the cast and crew of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on a field trip to see Hamlet at Stage One Family Theater at the Kentucky Center’s Bomhard Theater! We were joined by the high school seniors, making it a very cool cross-campus experience. The kids absolutely loved the spectacle of Shakespearean tragedy and applauded loudly at the end when Claudius finally got his just desserts. With the combination of a ghostly spectre, Ophelia going mad, the “To Be or Not To Be” monologue, a fencing duel, and some madcap comic relief, this was truly a powerful presentation. When we came back to campus, I thought we’d debrief on the show for 10-15 minutes with the kids, but it quickly stretched into a 30 minute discussion! They had wonderful questions (“Why did they dress in modern clothes?”) and observations, and were able to draw connections to the language in our current spring production of Midsummer. And to bring all of this full “Circle,” they also were aware of the parallels between The Lion King and Hamlet! Our students comported themselves like perfect “gentles,” naturally, and Julie and I were very proud of their behavior and takeaway on this fantastic field trip.

Have a wonderful Winter Break!

School Notes for Week of February 5 – February 9

St. Francis has seen a significant increase in the number of students being diagnosed recently with either flu A ​or B. To prevent the spread, we are asking everyone to be extra vigilant in watching your children for signs of illnesses, including coughing/sneezing, sore throat, nausea/vomiting, and, most importantly, fever. If your child is complaining of any of these symptoms, we ask that you err on the side of caution and keep her/him home until the symptoms lessen or disappear and s/he is fever free for at least 24 hours.

Attention, Goshen Parents: Please be on the lookout for an email regarding a change to Bus Route 2. Click here for the updated route.

The state of Kentucky recently added to its vaccination requirements for students, beginning with the 2018-19 school year. Your student may need to receive additional vaccinations and submit a new immunization certificate (or submit a new religious exemption form) by August. Of particular urgency, a new requirement is that all students must get two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine and they must be obtained at least six months apart, meaning that in order to be fully vaccinated by the start of school in August, students currently missing this vaccination MUST OBTAIN THE FIRST VACCINE BY MID-FEBRUARY. Please see below for specifics on these requirements, and consult a physician’s office/clinic for any questions.

  1. All students, of all ages, must have two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine. The minimum time between the doses is six months.   
  2. Students who are 16 and older must have received two doses of meningococcal ACWY vaccine. However, as of the start of school in August 2018, if they have not previously received a dose of the vaccine and are 16 or older, only one dose is required. For younger students, please consult with a physician for a recommended schedule of these vaccinations; two doses will be required before they turn 16.  
  3. If your child has had these vaccines, you simply need to provide the School with an updated immunization certificate; if s/he has not, the vaccines must be given and then a new immunization certificate provided. A new religious exemption certificate must be provided if your child will not receive the vaccines.

Again, because the Hepatitis A vaccine has a required six-month minimum between doses, students who have not been vaccinated must receive the first dose prior to mid-February in order to be eligible to receive the second dose by mid-August when school begins.

A summary of the changes from the Kentucky state government’s website can be found here. Please contact your physician for specific questions regarding the vaccinations.

Interested in helping our Garden Coordinator Christine Brinkmann with our animals over weekends and school breaks? Sign up here. In appreciation for your help, the free-range, farm-fresh eggs are yours to keep. Please email Christine Brinkmann with any questions.