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The Showcase Will Go on Tomorrow!


Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Happy snow day to all our students!  I’m finding this a little unbelievable, particularly given the fact that our first tennis scrimmage is a girls’ match on Monday on courts that presumably are covered under nearly a foot of snow … Ah, Louisville!

The alert sent this afternoon indicated that due to cast and crew snow-bound issues, we are moving our Showcase of Plays to Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.  Please come support the students!  There will be short plays written and directed by our students, music performances, and improv.  I hope to see many of you there!

Huge congratulations to our Science Olympiad team, which competed last weekend at Regionals and qualified as a team for the State competition next month!

As I mentioned last week, I was at the NAIS Annual Conference in Boston.  One of the best sessions I attended was a keynote address that took the form of a roundtable featuring four college presidents.  The topic was trends in and the future of higher education, and their approach was to share with all of us assembled – primarily K-12 educators and administrators – what they felt we should know as we prepare students to matriculate to institutions like theirs.  They placed great importance on students’ ability to be part of a community, particularly one that includes people with different backgrounds, perspectives, opinions.  Another major theme was how vital students’ health and well-being is – e.g., their emotional maturity, ability to handle themselves without 24/7 structure, capacity for self-reflection and self-knowledge, level of independence in their academics and overall lives.

These are issues of great significance to me, as well, because they are critical at the high school level, as well.  The St. Francis philosophy certainly espouses development of these abilities; the increasingly complex question is how to foster them.  I – along with others here – will be continuing to give this a great deal of thought.


“The Winter that Won’t Quit!”

Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus, Director of the SFS Drama Project

Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus, Director of the SFS Drama Project

First, it was “the winter that wasn’t.” Now it’s “the winter that won’t quit!” I don’t think any of us expected this rude barrage from Mother Nature in March, no less, but at least we’re still in a very good place as far as snow days go – including having classes this Wednesday when many schools canceled! (And thanks to all our parents and staff for a very orderly early dismissal this week!)

But looking back to last weekend, it was an early peek at “March Madness” on the Goshen Campus! First, not only were our 5th graders competing in the Governor’s Cup Elementary competition, but we were also the host school for the first time! This was a big undertaking involving lots of planning and logistics, and serious kudos are in order for Coach and event organizer Misty Chanda for QR_GovCupspearheading everything! And from the “it takes a village” department, Misty received lots of help from many faculty members, but I want to specifically thank Sarah Dewberry, Lindsy Serrano, and Charlie Patton for all of their contributions in planning, scoring, data entry and technology help! Also, our 8th graders took advantage of this opportunity by selling food and snacks to all of our hungry guests! Due to the contributions of Dace Maki and many other parents, they were able to raise more than $300 towards their class gift to be presented at Goshen Graduation this May! Truly a team effort – but on to the results!

Governor’s Cup is a combination of individual written assessment tests in five subject areas, plus Quick Recall. Individual top-five results are:

Grayson Karleski           1st place in Science
Ayda Marshall               3rd place in Social Studies, 3rd place in Language Arts
Lily Gilbert                    4th place in Social Studies, 4th place in Arts & Humanities
Poppy Kuhn                  5th place in Social Studies, 5th place in Language Arts

The Quick Recall team finished 3rd overall.

The team was recognized at Morning Meeting on Monday and proudly showed off their medals! We are encouraged by our success and are definitely looking forward to the future!

Meanwhile, our Middle School Science Olympiad team was competing in its first competition in many years! Coach Jason Chlopek revived our team this year and took a tiny squad into competition both to feed the kids’ hunger for science and to gain insight into the competition for the future. Jason was clearly charged up at Morning Meeting as he spoke about the kids and exclaimed, “I can’t wait for the future!” Here are some comments from Coach Chlopek:

“Representing St. Francis School Goshen for the 2015 Science Olympiad were students Eli Jaffe, Theron Varda, and Mellie Simpson. Our entire team also included Stuart Middleton, Josie Cooley, Evvie Cooley, Jahvid Nawab, Nate ScienceOlympiadMSWaggener, and Grayson Karleski, who were unable to attend the competition. We participated in six of the 23 events and did well considering our numbers. Eli Jaffe and Theron Varda both participated in individual events, “Experimental Design” and “Road Scholar”. They also raced our “Wheeled Vehicle” into 8th place with design help from Stuart, Josie, Jahvid, and Grayson. We learned a lot about attention to details and retesting during that event! Everyone helped with the design of the “Bottle Rockets” and even though the launch did not go as planned, we still managed an impressive height.  Mellie and Eli scored the highest points for our team in “Write it, Do it” while working together to create a reverse-engineered test object. The Science Olympiad was an exciting day to share and showcase our passion and joy of science with different schools, and our team represented St. Francis very well!”  

Thanks Jason and Misty, and to all our academic team coaches for sharing their time and passion with our kids!


Due to hazardous road conditions, St. Francis School, Goshen and Downtown campuses, will be closed on Thursday, March 5, 2015.

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Congratulations to our Merit Scholarship Winners and Finalists!

9th Grade Winners

Overall Winner: Elizabeth Johnson, Louisville Collegiate School

Humanities Runner-Up: Lucy Biberman, St. Francis School

Math/Science Runner-Up: Grace Bagga, Louisville Collegiate School
9th Grade Finalists

Patrick Spencer, Highland Middle School

Gabriel Mutchnick, Louisville Collegiate School

Chloe Church, St. Francis School

6th Grade Winners

Overall Winner: Lily Gilbert, St. Francis School

Humanities Runner-Up:Natalie Koch, Sacred Heart Model School

Math/Science Runner-Up: Andrei Gustavson, Swarthmore Rutledge School

6th Grade Finalists

Nicolette Bert, St. Francis School

Ayda Marshall, St. Francis School

George Baldridge, Holy Spirit School

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